High - frequency Vibration Test Table
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High - frequency Vibration Test Table

In accordance with national and international standards, such as GB, GJB, UL, JIS, DIN, ISO, BS, MIL, IEC and ASTM for you to prove product quality .
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In accordance with national and international standards, such as GB, GJB, UL, JIS, DIN, ISO, BS, MIL, IEC and ASTM for you to prove product quality .




This device is used to act of stimulating or impacting a component or device to see how it reacts in the real world. 




The circuit board, aircraft, ships, rockets, missiles, automobiles and household appliances and other industrial products.



A.high performance and reliability

The closed-loop control is realized by DSP processor. The PC is independent of the control loop. It ensures the real-time and high-efficiency of the control system. It can respond to any change of the test system promptly and promptly to ensure the control reliability and high precision. All input channels have a 24-bit resolution ADC, low-noise hardware design, and built-in analog and digital anti-aliasing filter, effectively ensuring the high-precision analysis.


B. simple operation

Windows-based application software is easy to operate, auxiliary functions. The system's powerful automatic wizards and test report auto-generation make it easy to repeat and boring test tasks. Test parameters set rich and rigorous, while USB2.0 interface to make it more closely with the computer connection harmony.


C.a powerful function and flexibility

Vibration Controller A powerful vibration control platform, can complete a number of complex tasks. On the same hardware platform, the configuration of different applications, to complete a variety of analytical tasks to meet your needs of different test and analysis. Modular design of the controller, according to the needs of different users need to configure the appropriate hardware and software to meet the different needs of users.


D. Test safety

The controller provides a small amount of signal control to obtain a preview of the system's vibration control; this method helps the test engineer determine the noise level in advance and has a rough idea of ​​the system's transfer function. There are a number personnel, test objects and shaking table equipment security. If the system is abnormal, you can immediately press the system built-in termination button to end the test


E. Test report generation

Support a key to generate word format or PDF format test report function, you just click the report generation button to get the current test results. From the basic test control function description to the specific test setup parameters, from t




Maximum sinusoidal excitation force(peak)


Maximum random excitation force(


Maximum impact force(peak)


Frequency Range


Maximum Displacement 25mm p-p
Maximum speed 1.8m/s

Maximum acceleration

Maximum load and maximum acceleration:F=M.A
5G(50m/s²) 10G(100m/s²) 20G(200m/s²) 30G(300m/s²)
114kg 54kg 24kg 14kg
First order resonant frequency 3200 Hz±5%
Payload 100kg
Vibration frequency 2.5Hz
Diameter of moving coil Ф240 mm
Quality of moving coil 10kg
Countertop screws 16×M8
Magnetic flux leakage <10gauss
Dimension of platform body  845mm×685mm×840mm(Vertical table)
Weight of platform body Approximately 720Kg
SA-6K Digital switching power amplifier
Output Power 5KVA
Output Voltage 100V
Output Current 60A
Amplifier size  720mm×550mm×1680mm
Weihgt 330kg
Servo protection system
Features Temperature, wind pressure, over displacement, overvoltage, overcurrent, input voltage, external fault, control power, logic fault, input phase loss
Digital vibration controller VCSusb-2
Hardware Configuration
2-channel input, an output channel
Sine, random
Control computer Original brand computer with 17 "LCD display, keyboard / optical mouse
Software Chinese / English operation, can be time domain and frequency domain analysis, signal source, sine sweep analysis. Can automatically generate WORD test report, signal and data display, storage, set the test parameters and analysis.
operating system Windows 2000/Xp
Accelerometer B&W 
Frequency range: 1-12000Hz
Sensitivity: 27Pc / g
Input: charge
Acceleration range: ± 1500g
Operating temperature: -40 - 160 ℃
VT660 Vertical expansion of the table
material Aluminum-magnesium alloy, the surface hard anode treatment
Table size 500 mm×500 mm
Fix the holes M8 stainless steel threaded sleeve, durable wear
Upper limit usage frequency 800Hz
Weihgt 30kg
BL-1000 Cooling fan (including silencer)
Fan power 4KW
Air volume 1400m³/h

Diameter 120mm

Weihgt 165kg
Electrical Requirements
Power supply AC 380V/50Hz,18 KVA
Compressed air 0.6MPa
Grounding resistance ≤4Ω





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