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Dust Chamber

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: HONGCE

Delivery Time: 30 days

Payment Terms: T/T

Certification: ISO/IEC 17025 Certificate

Model: HH0810

Inner chamber size: 1000×1000×1000

Inner material: SUS304 stainless steel mirror panel

Dust concentration: 2kg/m³

Temperature range: RT+10~60℃

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Dust Chamber



Conforms to IEC 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) clause 13.4, figure 2, dust test for first characteristic number 5 and 6.

IEC 60598-1 Luminaires – Part 1: General requirements and test clause 9.2 test for ingress of dust, solid objects and moisture , IEC60335-1 Clause 22.1 and etc.


The dust chamber is suitable for electrical and electronic products, automotive, motorcycle parts, seals in the sand and dust environment to prevent sand and dust into the seals and shell of the test. To test the performance of electronic and electrical products, automotive, motorcycle parts and seals in the use, storage and transportation in a sandy and dusty environment.

Design principle:

Design a conical funnel with a dust collection port at the bottom, and install a high-pressure turbine circulating fan at the dust extraction port (bottom) to draw the dust to the top of the inner box and sprinkle it freely from top to bottom through the top of the box, thus starting the cycle over and over again.


Inner size

1000*1000*1000mm (Customizable)

Inner material

SUS304 stainless steel mirror panel

Outer material

A3 iron plate electrostatic spray treatment

Square-meshed sieve

Nominal wire diameter is 50μm, nominal width of a gap between wires is 75μm

Dust baking temperature range


Air velocity

≤ 2m/s

Dust concentration


Talc dosage

The amount of talcum powder to be used is 2 kg per cubic metre of the test chamber volume. It shall not have been used for more than 20 tests

Dust blowing method

From top to bottom

Air flow meter


Vibration time

1s99h, preset

Test time timing

1s99h, preset

Dust blowing control cycle

1s99h, preset

Vacuum time

1s99h, preset

Controller control function

1) Dust blowing time (stop, blow) h/m/s adjustable;

2) Cycle period arbitrarily adjustable;

3) Preset test time: 0s999h99m99s arbitrarily adjustable;

4) Power-on method: off -On-off

Vacuum pump range


Control system test piece power socket

Dustproof socket AC220V 16A

Control system

PLC controller + touch screen

Communication method

The device can be connected to a computer, and it can be operated on the computer like the machine itself

Vacuum system

Pressure regulating valve, suction nozzle, three-piece pressure regulating set, connecting pipe, vacuum pump

Dust heating system

Stainless steel mica sheet heating jacket

Circulating fan

Enclosed alloy low-noise motor. Multi-blade centrifugal fan

Basic structure

Test chamber, dust suction port, circulating dust blowing device, vacuum system, flow valve, heating system, protective screen and other components

Using environment

AC 380V three-phase five-wire, 50Hz. Separately make a 32A air switch, air switch with terminals, power cord 4 square, Power: 3KW (no load)

Safety protection

Phase sequence protection, power leakage protection, abnormal protection, instrument over-temperature protection.

























































Dust Chamber
Environmental Test Equipment
sand and dust chamber
Climatic Test Chamber
dust test chamber
IP6X dust chamber
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