• 产品名称: Blanket Spark Ignition Test Apparatus
  • NO.: HJ0625
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  This device meets the standard of IEC60335-2-17, Clause 30.101.1 figure 114.


 It is used to inspect the flexible electrical heating appliance flammability, to test whether the charged body arcing caused overheating or combustion.




 In a 65 ± 2 ° C in a heating cabinet, supply the sinusoidal rated output voltage 10KV, pass through the  position where is 6±0.1mm far from the two Φ3mm copper electrodes phase, then record the time when ignition flame of the sample between the electrode reaches to the inner edge of the template time, ignore if combustion ≤ 3s, record 120s if non-combustion.


1. The spark ignition test device consists of a control box (including 10KV power), heating box and bracket.
2. The test bracket is shown below, the structure is made of stainless steel, insulation material and brass.
3. Control Chamber:
A; Output Power: Voltage 0 ~ 15KV, current 0 ~ 2mA; when the short-circuit current is1mA, the voltage drop is less than 100V
B: Power on test time: 0 to 9999s, can be preset
C: record time from power on to the flame reaches the inner edge of the template: 0 to 9999 s
4. Natural ventilation heating chamber (optional):
A: Heating temperature: 0-200 ° can be preset, fluctuation ±1 °
B: heating time 0 to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, can be preset
C: Inner size L*W*H = 450X450X500mm


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