• 产品名称: Natural Circulation Heating Cabinet
  • NO.: HH0812
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 IEC 60884-1 2013 clause 16.1.

 This device is use to perform thermal aging test to polymer materials (plastics, plastics and electrical insulating materials such as: wire and cable sheathing, heat shrinkable tube, rubber test or PVC materials, and the insulating components, or use for drying, baking, heat treatment and so on.


 polymer materials, wire and cable sheathing, heat shrinkable tube, PVC and so on.


 1.Adopt import intelligent P.I.D thermostat and high precision PT100 thermocouple sensor. Can ensure that the temperature fluctuation is less than 0.5% (calculated at the maximum temperature);

2.Heater: screw pipe type heater, power: 3.2Kw; with two section of heating choice model;
3.Temperature range: RT+20℃~200℃ or 300℃(for option)
4.with super high temperature protection function, can automatically cut off and stop heating;
5.Built in the circulation system, to ensure the temperature uniformity: 1% (calculated at the maximum temperature);
6.Built-in adjustable ventilation outlet: by changing the size of the air outlet, to change the size of the ventilation volume, the adjustment is very convenient. 
7.Ventilation volume adjustment range: 8~20 times / hour. 
8.Timer: 999.9 hours can be set. (optional power down and hold, auto start function)

1.Working box: 50*50*50cm;
2.Rotary motor power: 1/4HP, speed 5RPM; 
3.Double stainless steel interlayer;
4.Glass window, internal lighting lamp can be convenient to observe the change of test sample. 
5.With movable casters



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