• 产品名称: Coupler Withdrawal Testing Apparatus
  • NO.: HO6502
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 Confirm to the IEC60320-1 clause 16 figure12 standard requirement.

 This device is mainly used to ascertain the maximum force necessary to withdraw the connector from the appliance inlet and the minimum force necessary to withdraw a single pin gauge from the appliance inlet, it can also for testing connectors for hot conditions and those for very hot conditions.


 This device consists of a control cabinet, mounting plate, heating device, instrument input socket (standard equip with 10A for testing connectors for hot conditions, 10A and 16A for very hot conditions) hook, and the principle weight,supplementary weight.

The appliance inlet is fixed to the mounting plate A of an apparatus as shown in figure 12, so that the axes of the appliance inlet pin are vertical and the free ends of the pins are downwards. For testing connectors for hot conditions and those for very hot conditions, a heating device C is provided, and on this the appliance inlet is mounted. The principle mass is hung on the connector without jolting and the supplementary mass is allowed to fall from a height of 5 cm on to the principal mass. The connector shall not remain in the appliance inlet. For testing connectors for hot conditions and for very hot conditions, the heating function should be turned on, start testing the maximum withdrawal force after achieving to the temperature.

Power supply

220V  50/60HZ

Table 3-Maximum and minimum withdrawal forces

Type of connector

Withdrawal forces


Multi-pin gauge maximum

Single-pin minimum

0.2A,2.5A,6A and 10A 50 1.5
16A 60 2
Maximum withdrawal forces
Maximum withdrawal forces Principle weight Supplementary weight
50N 45N(with hook) 5N
60N 45N(with hook)+4N+5N 6N
Minimum withdrawal forces
Minimum withdrawal forces Weihgt
1.5N weight and 10Alive wire or ground wire of the
2N weight and 16Alive wire or ground wire of the

Note: The weight of the single-pin is included in the corresponding weight



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