• 产品名称: Self Ballast Lamp Load Box
  • NO.: HK1503
  • Views : 83

 IEC 60669-1 2004 clause 19.3b.

 This device is suitable for breaking capacity and normal operation life test to fixed switches for house held and similar purpose, especially suitable for self ballast lamp switch electric stress and thermal stress test when control the LED circuit. To verify whether the switch can withstand normal use, any mechanical damage or electrical fatigue failure under normal operation, any contact adhesion phenomenon or long term closure or disconnection phenomenon, to test whether excessive wear or other harmful consequences.

 Self Ballast Lamp(SBL) Switches.

 Dimension about: wide (710mm) * Deep (620mm) * high (1710mm). The front side of the operation control panel, the panel is made of high quality aluminum through etching, sand blasting, coloring process, beautiful and durable. With power control switch, current, voltage, power, power factor meters, load power output switch, indicator lamp, current output and stop button, alarm, capacitance gear selection switch, current gear selection switch on the panel. With resistor and capacitor load combination, AC contactor, relay, heat using strong wind flow cooling built inside. With connecting post on the bottom, which is connected with the products and the testing machine through a conducting wire, output current and load to the product during test.

1.Power supply: single phase AS200V±10% 50Hz, power supply to test sample prepared by user.
2.Voltage meter: 0~300V±0.25% reading +0.25% range, digital display
3.Current meter: 0~30A±0.25% reading +0.25% range, digital display 
4.Power meter: 0~9KW, precision 0.5, digital display


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