IEC60950-1 、IEC60947-1:2011、IEC60695-2-20.


 It is suitable for electric and electronic products, household appliance materials to do ignition dangerous test. It simulates the heat source or ignition source of simulates glow component and overload resistance which may cause thermal stress in a short time.


 Information technology equipment, low voltage switch and control equipment parts.

 Hot-wire coil ignition test adopts the specific size (ф0.5mm length:250mm) and specific material (Ni80/Cr20) of heater strip which is pre-annealed with required heating power(0.26W/mm) and time (8s~12s). Then coil heater strip on the specimen for 5 cycles according to certain wire wrapping tension (5.4N) and certain wire wrapping distance (6.35mm). Next, take the specimen with wrapping heater strip to test until 120s under the stipulate heating power (0.26W/mm) the users can judge the fire risk according to whether the specimen ignite and the ignite time.

Model/ Parameters


Working voltage


Control operation mode

Electrical control ,button operation

Heat coil

ф0.5mm,Ni80/Cr20,length:250mm±5mm ,cold resistance 5.28Ω/m

Anneal holder distance 250mm
Specimen holder distance and height 70mm,height:60mm (the distance between the holder surface to the tray surface)
Wire wrapping tension and its distance 5.4N±0.05N, 6.35mm±0. 5mm (within 31.5mm±0.5mm,coil 5 cycle,national standard is 6mm)
Annealing time and power 8s~12s(1s~999.9s digital display can be preset),0.26W/mm±4%(digital display is adjustable)
Testing time and power 120s(1s~999.9s digital display can be preset),0.26W/mm±4%( digital display is adjustable)
Specimen size L×W×H:(125 ± 5mm) ×(13.0 ± 0.5mm) ×(0.75+0.075  0mm,1.5+0.15  0mm,3+0.3  0mm)[national standard is 0.75± 0.1 mm,1.5± 0.1 mm,3± 0.2 mm]  
Test procedure Automatic control, independent exhaust
Lighting Equip with lighting in the test chamber, with control
Test chamber and dimension >0.5m³,black matte background,with exhaust fan,dimension:1100*550*1200mm,130kg



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