• 产品名称: Hot Flaming Oil Test Device
  • NO.: HX9803
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 Confirm to IEC60950 A.5.


 It is used to detect the protective performance of fire enclosure equipment..


 Fire enclosure.


 A sample of the complete finished bottom of the fire enclosure is securely supported in a horizontal position. Bleached cheesecloth of approximately 40 g/m² is placed in one layer over a shallow, flat-bottomed pan approximately 50 mm below the sample, and is of sufficient size to cover completely the pattern of openings in the sample, but not large enough to catch any of the oil that runs over the edge of the sample or otherwise does not pass through the openings. Note:Use of a metal screen or a wired-glass partition surrounding the test area is recommended.

A small metal ladle (preferably no more than 65 mm in diameter), with a pouring lip and a long handle whose longitudinal axis remains horizontal during pouring, is partially filled with 10 ml of a distillate fuel oil which is a medium volatile distillate having a mass per unit volume between 0.845 g/ml and 0.865 g/ml, a flash point between 43.5℃ and 93.5℃ and an average calorific value of 38 MJ/l. The ladle containing the oil is heated and the oil ignited and permitted to burn for 1 min, at which time all of the hot flaming oil is poured at the rate of approximately 1 ml/s in a steady stream onto the centre of the pattern of openings, from a position approximately 100 mm above the openings. The test is repeated twice at 5 min intervals, using clean cheesecloth.


1、Flaming oil:Average hot value:38MJ/L,density: 0.845g/mL~0.865g/mL,flash point:43.5℃~93.5℃;
2、Volume of oil dipper:>10mL;
3、Pour oil flow:1mL/s;
4、Ignited bedding material:40g/m2 Standard bleached gauze;
5、Ignited bedding distance:Under the sample about 50mm;
6、Pouring height:100mm;
7、Continued burning time of hot oil:60s(1s~99s Double timing can be preset);
8、Pouring time of hot oil:10s(1s~99s Double timing can be preset);
9、Test area background color: black;
10、Dimensions:W600mm×L700mm×H1000mm,Vent hole:ф100mm;


11、Test power:0.5kVA 220V 50Hz.



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