• 产品名称: Automatic Kettle Life-span Tester
  • NO.: HJ0635
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 IEC 60335-2-15 household and similar electrical appliances – safety: part 2-15: particular requirements for appliances for heating liquids, clause 19.101, 19.102, 22.103.


 The device is used for life-span test to various conventional cordless electric kettle.


 Cordless electric kettle.


 The device uses the MITSUBISHI PLC control, 7 inch color touch screen operation. The built-in adjustable load current and voltage can be adjusted, to apply the input of 0.85 times or 1.15 times power; the equipment can automatically add water, to conduct boil water test and dry heat water cooling testing. The equipment can realize the functions of automatic electricity dry heating, automatic filling, automatic water pouring, automatic boiling water 100 times, and automatic shutdown when reaching preset test times.


Power Supply



3 Stations, or 6 stations(can be custom made)


MITSUBISHI PLC electric control, 7 inch color touch screen operation

Basic Function

Including dry burning mode (self cooling), dry heating mode (water cooling), plug-in mode (electricity), plug-in mode (no electricity), boiling water mode 5 test functions:
1. dry burning mode (self cooling): start – pouring – reset – dry burning - dry end (thermostat trip) - natural cooling to the thermostat reset - cycle dry burning
2. dry heating mode (water cooling): start – pouring – reset – dry burning - dry end (thermostat trip) –filling water cooling to the thermostat reset - cycle dry burning
3. plug-in mode (no electricity): start – cycle plug and withdraw
4. plug-in mode (electricity): start – filling water – live plug in and withdraw – cycle – interval replace water - cycle
5. burning mode: start - pouring – reset – filling water – heating - boil (thermostat trip) - pouring - reset - cycle 
Loading Display test voltage and current of each station
conduction count alarm and shutdown when not conducting
Test Times

0-999999 preset, automatic stop when test time finished

Main configuration

The frame adopts Aluminum Alloy tube production; and the box door paint; main water contact part adopts 304 stainless steel or Aluminum Alloy

Air Source This machine needs to use compressed air, air pressure -0.6MPa 0.4MPa



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