• 产品名称: Current-Carrying Hoses Flexing Resistance Tester
  • NO.: HJ0616
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 This device meets the standard of IEC60335-2-2, clause 21.103 figure 102.

 Suitable for the Current-carrying hoses flexing resistance tester.

 Vacuum cleaner hoses, water suction type cleaning apparatus tube, washing machine water pipe.

 The end of the hose intended to be connected to the motorized cleaning head is attached to the pivoting arm of the test equipment shown in Figure 102. The distance between the pivot axis of the arm and the point where the hose enters the rigid part is 300mm±5mm. The arm can be raised from the horizontal position by an angle of 40°±1°. A mass of 5 kg is suspended from the other end of the hose or from a convenient point along the hose so that when the arm is in the horizontal position the mass is supported and there is no tension on the hose.

The mass slides against an inclined plate so that the maximum deflection of the hose is 3°. The arm is raised and lowered by means of a crank that rotates at a speed of 10±1 revolutions per minute.
The test is carried out for 2500 revolutions of the crank after which the fixed end of the hose is turned through 90°and the test continued for a further 2500 revolutions. The test is repeated in each of the other two 90°positions.

Power Supply

AC220V  50HZ

Control and Operation

PLC intelligent electrical control, touch screen operation

Woeking Station

1 station

Flexing Speed

10r/min(that is 60°/s),can be preset

Flexing Angle 40°±1°,can be preset
Mass  Weight 5kg
Swing Arm Length 300mm±50mm



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