• 产品名称: Electric Iron Steam Endurance Test Equipment
  • NO.: HJ0612
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 Clause 11.7 and 21.7 of IEC 60335-2-2 Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety: Part 2-2: Particular requirements for Vacuum cleaners and water-suction cleaning appliances.

 The device simulates the action of manual operation of electric iron, it is used for the steam life of the iron bucket test.

 Open type steam iron, pressure steam iron and fast steam iron.


A.Stations:can be customized
B.Distance between stations
C.Consists of upper and lower layout, up and down all the 12 stations, each of six stations for a group installed in the same flip frame.
D.The upper and lower layers can be controlled individually, also can be parameterized independently or with different test procedures.
EForming aluminum rack, around the use of plexiglass sliding door.
2.Sleep wake-up function: the process of testing a special pneumatic button from time to time on the sample handle to click, timely wake-up into the sleep state of the sample.
3.Stall adjustment function: Each station has a gear selection button, by pressing the gear button to select the gear, and the current gear status memory function.

1.Test procedures:
A.There are A, B, C three types of testing process:
a.Move horizontally - Turn 90 °vertically - Add water - Rotate to horizontal position - Move horizontally (cycle).
b.Move back and forth horizontally - add water - move horizontally (cycle).
c.Tilt  90 °vertically - Add water - Rotate to horizontal position (cycle).
Three different types of test procedures can be selected on the HMI.
2.Test process parameters:
A.Horizontal scroll:
a.Horizontal travel: 0-300mm.
b.Horizontal movement speed: 0-300mm / s (± 1mm / s).
c.Horizontal movement times: 0-99 times.
d.Horizontal mobile drive: stepper motor.
e.Flip angle: 0-90 °.
f.Erection time: 0-99S.
gFlip drive: stepper motor.
i.Flip parameter setting: Set on the display unit.
B.add water:
a.Add water: 0-300L
b.Water measurement: impeller electronic flowmeter.
c.Water flow control: ball valve control.
d.Water is added during the erection of the iron bucket.
e.Each station independent water pipeline, the use of electromagnetic valve control.
f.Water: tap water.
3.Test time:
A.Cycling time:0-9999H
B.Test A cycle time refers to the horizontal movement time, the time to stop when standing.
C.After the test time is completed, the test layer will be powered off automatically.
D.There is power function, when the test process in unplanned downtime can save the related test parameters, calls can continue unfinished when testing.
4.The sample electricity:
A.Each of the 12 stations can choose the same voltage.
B.Each station independent of the control switch, with the pointer ammeter.
C.Sample power specifications: power 2000W, voltage 120V and 230V two specifications.
D.Power Conductor Size: 6mm² stranded copper conductor.
5.Can be carried out power test:There are power-on  test, power-off test, power cycle test cycle three modes, three types of models can be selected in the man-machine interface.
A.Power on time: 0-9999S.


B.Power-off time: 0-9999S
6.Control Mode: Mitsubishi PLC man-machine interface



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