• 产品名称: Cord Anchorage Strain and Twisting Test Equipment
  • NO.: HJ0609
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 Clause 25.15 of IEC 60335-1 Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 1:  General requirements and etc.


 It is used to check the cord anchorage of the appliances provided with a supply cord, and appliances intended to be permanently connected to fixed wiring by a flexible cord,  shall relieve conductors from strain, including twisting, at the terminals and protect the insulation of the conductors from abrasion.

 Household appliances, medical equipment, lamps, plugs and sockets and etc.

 The test equipment adopts Z-word structure, can be used to test the clamping terminal firmness of the refrigerators, washing machines and other large household appliances’ power cords. 

The test method is that a mark is made on the cord at a distance of approximately 20 mm from the cord anchorage or other suitable point. Then the cord is then pulled, without jerking, for 1 s in the most unfavourable direction with the force specified. The test is carried out 25 times. The cord, unless on an automatic cord reel, is then subjected to a torque that is applied for 1 min. After above test, the cord shall not be longitudinally displaced by more than 2 mm.

Model/ Parameters


Input Power

AC220V  50HZ

Pull Force Weights

20N*2,30N*2 (the pulling force of 30N,60N,80N,100N can be achieved);

Torque Weight 5N*1, 12.5N*1, 17.5N*1 and a torque arm  (0.1Nm,0.25Nm,0.35Nm can be acheived);
Pull Test Cycles 0~999999, can be preset, default 25 
Pull Speed 1 cycle/s
Torque 0.01S~99 hour 59 min 59 s
ension fixture and torque fixture are combined, which 
coordinated in the middle through the bearing, reduce the friction during torque test.
Structure The device adopts motor cam mandrel mechanism, Z-word connection, so that the fixture can hold the power cord which is on the appliance and 150mm above from the ground.
Table  – Pull force and torque.
Mass of appliance (kg) Pull Force(N) Torque(Nm) Combination of Pull Force Weight and Torque Weight
≤1 30 0.1 30N+5N
> 1 and ≤4 60 0.25 2*30N+12.5N
>4 100 0.35 2*30N+2*20N+17.5N



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