• 产品名称: Connector Pull And Twisting Force Test Machine
  • NO.: HO6507
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 IEC 60320-1 clause 23.7 Appliances couplers for household and similar general purposes-Part 1:General requirements.

 Suitable for the connector testing of rated voltage not exceeding 250V, the rated current is not more than 16AD of the AC two pole appliances couplers.


 The external parts of connectors with a separate front part enclosing the contacts shall be reliable fixed to one another.

The front part and the rear part of the connector are securely fixed to two claws which are so arranged that they can separately from each other in a straight line. A pull force of 100N±2N is applied in the axial direction without jerks to the claws. The force is maintained for 1 min twisting the connector in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the previous applied force and then for 1 min bending the connector in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the previous applied force and torque.
After the test, the connector can not be separated from the two parts, providing protection against electric shock parts shall not be loose, not easy to touch the live parts. This tester is controlled by PLC intelligent electrical device, touch screen operation, equip with independent motor drive mechanism for the pull force, twisting force and bending force, so that each test does not interfere with each other, to ensure the accuracy of the test. Using motor drive ball screw mode for the three kinds of force tests, so that to make the weight is driven by the tray to achieve lifting movement, real simulate the applied force by lifting up and release the weight, and the applied force time can be controlled.

Control system

MITSUBISHI PLC control, 7 inch color touch screen operation

Driving mode

Motor + precision screw and guide rail forming transmission mechanism

Working station

Single station, the three kinds of force test work independently

Pull/twist/bending time

0-999.9s,can be preset

Pull/twist/bending speed 0-100mm/s,can be preset
Pull/twist/bending displacement 0-80mm,can be preset
Load weight Pull force:100N;   Twist force:40N;   Bending force:40N
Twist arm 50mm
Bending arm 50mm
Power supply AC220V  50HZ
Size of the divice WDH=1100X800X1620mm



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