• 产品名称: Coupler Endurance Test Device
  • NO.: HO6504
  • Views : 20

 Confirm to the IEC60320-1 clause 20 figure 15.

 This device is used for household and similar purpose fixed electrical appliance switch, plug and socket, coupler for on-off ability, breaking capacity and normal operation life test.To verify whether the switch, plug or socket can withstand normal use, any mechanical damage or electrical fatigue failure under normal operation, any contact adhesion phenomenon or long term closure or disconnection phenomenon, to test whether excessive wear or other harmful consequences. 

 Coupler device.

 Using aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel sealing plate, driven by the servo motor, precision ball screw and synchronous belt drive, 7 inch color touch screen operation and powerful digital display function, PLC control system. Can perform lift test to button switch, toggle switch, rocker switch, rotary switch, plug and socket. With corresponding control system, can perform loading test with load(resistive, inductive and capacitive). Preset test times, conduction current time (opening time), test speed, test trip and rotation angle (up to 15 angles). With current display function, can display the conducting current.

1.Power supply: AC 220V±10% 50Hz
2.Operation interface 7 inch color LCD touch screen
3.Drive mode: Pneumatic
4.Control system: PLC control
5.Working station:3 working stations, can be customize
6.Conduction time:0-99.9s, can be preset
7.Test trip:50-60mm
8.Test rate:30 times/min
9.Load test / no load test: Can be switchable, load test need to connect the corresponding load power supply.
10.Appliance inlet is optional.


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