• 产品名称: Carton Compression Test Device
  • NO.: SH-16
  • Views : 27

 ISO2872, ISO2784, ISO12048, ISO2234.


 This device is suitable for testing the compressive strength of cartons, conduct compression, package deformation, stacking test.


 Corrugated carton, honeycomb board box pressure, package deformation, stacking test, plastic barrels (edible oil, mineral water), cardboard, cartons, paper cans, container barrels (IBC barrels) and other containers.


 1.Using double precision ball screw vertical structure, the overall of floor design

2.Transmission system using Taiwan AC inverter motor and streamline the utility of the transmission
3.Test speed is closed loop control, the regulation is convenient, the speed is stable
4.Measurement and control system using a single chip microcomputer as the central processing unit of digital circuit technology.
5.Test data display on control panel, can be printed by the printer, the whole structure is simple, functional, easy to operate and maintain.


1.Capacity: 1T
2.Accuracy: ±0.5%
3.Control panel: can display and print test times, test value, peak value and fracture value etc.
4.Displacement: 650~1500mm
5.Test speed: 0-5000N 12.5±2.5mm/min; 5001-10000N 10±3mm/min
6.Test space: 600~1500mm
7.Compressive strength test function: to determination of the ultimate compressive strength of the sample, the test machine will automatically record the peak pressure
8.Stacking strength test functions: to test the bearing durability of packaging by simulate storage conditions, tester compress the sample in a speed of 12.5(10)mm/min till the pressure reach preset force, when packaging deformation and pressure drop 5% set value, tester will automatic supplement pressure to the preset pressure and maintain till set test time completed, then tester will stop automatically.
9.Power gear can be converted: Ibf, N, Kgf
10.transmission mode: precision ball screw drive
11.protection device: leakage protection, overload automatic shutdown protection, travel limit protection
12.print function: automatic print report
13.motor: Taiwan AC variable frequency motor
14.Power supply: AC220V 50Hz
15.Dimension: 1100*800*1300mm


16.Weight: approximate 300kg



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