• 产品名称: 3D Auto Flame Brazing Machine for Air Conditioning Heat Exchanger Small U Copper Tube 12s/pc
  • NO.: HHAB04
  • Views : 63

Working Principle:
By providing automated soldering process, precisely controlling welding heating time, and controlling the gas flow by using a mass flow controller to achieve to precisely control the temperature of the soldering and solder bath, to ensure the stability and consistency of welding quality. 
Indexing by the sophisticated automatic divider, can ensure that each welding angle error does not exceed 15 ".
Applicable Products:Air conditioning Heat exchangers, heat exchanger small U tube, copper Components
Combustion gas: Natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas + oxygen+air
Welding products: Customized
Production tact:  one single tact 12s/pc
Workpiece diameter: Ф  6 mm, ------   Ф  50 mm
Ambient temperature: 0℃-40℃
Relative humidity: 30-98%RH
Solder ring requirements: Standard solder ring 
Special Feature:
1. Can weld the workpieces which has side panels
2. Can weld any row and column of the workpieces
3. The fins of the workpieces will not change color during welding process
Main Function:
1. Automatically ignite and extinguish fire; Automatically switch the strength of the flame; keep flame stable, avoid tempering
2. With faulty alarm and self-diagnostic functions
3. Gas concentration detection function: when the gas concentration reaches to the 50% of explosive limit, the system will automatically shut down or close the gas valve, and alarm occurs.
4. Extinguishing with nitrogen: can avoid deflagration.
5. Power-off protection: the equipment will automatically fill in nitrogen
6. Emergency button: In urgent cases, the electrical and pneumatic system can be shut-off immediately, and starts extinguishing protection.
Benefits analysis:
Every 8 hours of production can reach 2500 pieces or more. The device can operate 20 hours continuously. Calculated in accordance with professional welders’ stage salaries, the investment cost of the equipment can be recovered by one year.


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