• 产品名称: IEC60068-2-68 Test L Sand And Dust Test Chamber
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IEC60068-2-68 Test L:Dust and Sand La2, IEC60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code), IEC60034-5,IEC60598-1 and ISO/DIS12346.


It is to verify the seal performance of the enclosures of the product.to determine the effects of dust and sand suspended in air, on electrotechnical products. The test device is suitable for sealing parts and enclosure’s sand and dust resistance capacity testing of the electrical and electronic products, car and motorcycles spare parts and seals. In order to detect the use, storage, transport performance of the electrical and electronic products, car and motorcycles spare parts and seals under the sand and dust environment.


Electrical and electronic products.


The main effects of sand and dust on the product are as follow:

(1)intrude into sealing element and enclosure;
(2)Change electrical performance;
(3)Block and wear bearing and other moving parts;
(4)Abrasive surface, lubricant pollution;
(5)Blocking ventilation opening,pipeline, filters, and other operation hole;
Main features and functions of sand and dust chamber:
(1)The chamber body is made of stainless steel and welding;
(2)PLC control, touch screen operation, it can be controlled by manual and automatic operation;
(3)Large observation window with wiper;
(4)Configuration of vacuum pumping system
(5)The size of the inner chamber can be customized according to the size of the test sample.



Model/ Parameter


Input voltage

AC 220V±10 %  50Hz

Inner chamber size


Metal wire and sieve pore


Test dust Dry talcum powder which can through the sieve pore
Dust concentration The amount of dust in the test chamber is 2Kg /m³
Air flow speed ≤2m/s
Testing time 0.01s~99 hours 59min; Arbitrary preset
Ash blowing cycle control 1s~9999min
Vacuum pump speed ≤1L/1s Arbitrary adjustable
Machine power ≤1500W
Ambient temperature, humidity and site requirements 0~40℃,≤85%RH, no violent shaking, shock, vibration, no dust, corrosive atmospheric environment
Outer chamber size L*W*H=1000mm×1100mm×1650mm



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