• 产品名称: IPX9 Waterproof Test Equipment
  • NO.: HH0807
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Clause 14.2.9 of EN60529:1992+A2:2013, ISO 20653-2006, ISO30653-2006, clause 4.9.2of QC/T 417.1-200, clause 6.2.7 and 6.2.8 of TOYOTA ENGINEERING STANDARD TSC1000G. DIN40050-9 IP degrees of protection provided by enclosures for the electrical equipment in road vehicles for protecting the electrical equipment inside the enclosure against the effects of the ingress of solid foreign objects, including dust (protection against foreign objects),protecting the electrical equipment inside the enclosure against the effects of the ingress of water (protection against water).


It is used to inspect the IEC enclosures for the electrical equipment (IP supplementary code test), and it is applicable for waterproof testing of the electrical and auto parts under high temperature and high pressure.


With IPX9 degrees waterproof test products, such as automobile and motorcycle parts, electrical and electronic industries.

The equipment is consists of heating water tank, high pressure plunger pump, high pressure solenoid valve, fan nozzle, turntable and so on. Firstly, heat the water in the water storage tank to required temperature, secondly, mount the sample on the turntable, adjust the position of the nozzle, thirdly, close the protective door of the test equipment, set all test required parameters, finally, start the test. The four nozzles spray for 30 seconds in order during the test.



Model/ Parameter


Item Name

IPX9 Waterproof Test Equipment

Test Water Temperature

80±5 ℃

Nozzle specification

It is designed according to the standard figure

Nozzle number 4(0°,30°,60°,90°)
Spray pressure 8MPa-10MPa(adjustable)
Spray flow 14l/min-16l/min (change according to pressure)
Spray distance 100~150mm adjustable(The maximum side of the test product shall not exceed 450mm)
Sample support platform ¢400mm
Sample support platform rotate speed 4-6r/min
Sample support platform bearing ≤15kg
Sample support platform lift 300mm~400mm (Manually)
Power supply for test sample Provide interface for test product, 4 core wire power supply, the maximum 30A



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