• 产品名称: Vertical Drip Rain Testing Machine
  • NO.: HH0801
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 IEC60529 degree of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code) of the IPX1 and IPX2, IEC60884-1, IEC60335-1, IEC60598-1.


 It is used for the testing of IPX1 and IPX2.


 The test apparatus with water proof functions, such as electronic appliances, lamps, electrical cabinets, electrical components,car, motorcycle, electrical products (such as automotive instrument, all kinds of switches, micro motors, etc.).


 The rise and fall of the drip box is controlled by the motor. It is equipped with the rotatable objective table whose rotating speed is 1r/min for IPX1 test; It is also equipped with 15°bevel for supporting sample for the IPX2 test. This device is with the clean water filtration unit which can prevent pinhole from jamming, it is controlled by PLC electrical control system, and touch screen operation.




Input power

Single-phase AC220V,50Hz

Water supply

Water flow rate>10L/min±5% clean water without inclusion. This device is equipped with clean water filtration unit

Control and operation

PLC intelligent control, 7 inch color touch screen operation

Testing time 0-999.9min
Water tank size Outline dimension:WDH=1100×800×350mm, fully enclosed water tank, SUS304 material
Drip test area 1000×600mm,customizable
Drip height 200mm,adjustable
Dripping rate (Water flow) 1+0.050 mm/min or 3+0.050 mm/min switchable,adopt digital controlled rainfall technology
Needle hole Φ0.4mm
Distance between holes 20mm
Rotary table Diameter:Φ600mm;Rotating speed1r/min. Can be paused 150s at four aspects,Load bearing≤150㎏electrical equipment
Supporting sample 15°bevel
Water tank lifting drive Motor drive, screw guide rail to ensure the stable lifting and self-locking
Installation method Wall mounted or floor type
Site requirements Dedicated IP waterproof test room,The ground should be flat with illumination
10A waterproof leakage switch(or socket)used for equipment. With good function of inflow and drainage. Ground installation
Area covered WDH =1500mm×1500mm×2650mm,the size can be set according to customer’s requirement



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