"12th Five-Year" be the most changeful instrument technology into the main instrument industry strategy

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  With the continuous expansion of market demand, and people living leisure related instrumentation industry has also been rapid development, but due to the technology and innovation, domestic and foreign instrumentation industry still huge gap, the key techniques lack, low repetition, the stability and the reliability of the product is not fundamentally resolved, in high-end precision instruments still heavily dependent on imports, a large number of imported adversely affect the development of industry.
Scientific instruments is a typical technology intensive strategic industries, involving major frontier science and technology, national defense and other sensitive areas of major scientific instruments and equipment of its core technology is to can not buy. It also determines the scientific instrument and equipment industry is a national strategic industry. Scientific instrument independent innovation in a prominent position in front of the deployment, to enhance the strength of a country's science and technology, to lead the economic development of great significance. During 12th Five-Year, China will lead and support the scientific and technological development of scientific instruments and equipment independent innovation in the priority development position.
First, the leading edge of major scientific instruments and equipment.
Will be according to the strategy of our country in the world, a new round of revolution of science and technology deployment, R & D some major scientific equipment with international advanced level, effective support for our country to develop world-class scientific research, featured scientific research, driven by high and new technology industry development.
Second, high-end general scientific instruments and equipment.
Will focus on the forces, focusing on breakthroughs in a number of large amount of demand in China, heavily dependent on imports, expensive scientific instruments and equipment, overcome some scientific instrument and equipment core technology and key components of the, driven by important areas of scientific instruments and equipment, the overall level of promotion, to break the foreign monopoly.
Third, conventional general scientific instruments and equipment.
Will strengthen the Department of science and Technology Co ordinating role, from the existing science and technology plans (special fund) or free funds development of scientific instruments and equipment preferred. Application demonstration, after the implementation of the subsidy, etc., in order to make the domestic high-quality scientific instrument and equipment has been widely used, market share rate increased dramatically and strengthen our scientific instrument industry.
With the development of national economy and high and new technology industry, modern instrument and meter technology has become the strategic demand of our country. Suggestions in 2020, with universities, research as the main body, and strengthen the related personnel training and the common basic research; 2021 to 2030, with enterprises as the main body, in the generic technology research based on, oriented to the national economy and scientific research, to carry out different performance and characteristics of large precision analysis instrument development, realize industrialization; by 2030, in quantum measurement standards and traceability, high-end sensor and the core technology and high-end manufacturing industry of precision measuring instruments, life, medical and food hygiene instrument development development has reached the international advanced level, the leading part of the field, with production capacity of high, medium and low-grade large precision analysis instruments.