The instrumentation industry needs to be unified planning and centralized management in China

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  In early 1995, Jiaxi, Wang Dayan, Yang Jiachi, academician twenty had the grim situation at that time, China instrument industry development lag, put forward "on the revitalization of the recommendations of the instrumentation industry in our country, has been attached great importance to Zhu, Li Lanqing, Wu Bangguo, Zou Jiahua, Song Jian and other leading comrades, and made important instructions. The relevant departments according to the instructions of the leadership of comrade, after investigation and study proposed and implemented the some improving measures, but due to the handling of the "proposal", the "Ninth Five Year Plan" has been formulated, shortly after the government institutions and make the significant adjustment, and implement the "recommended" work can continue.
Today. When we develop the "Tenth Five Year Plan", especially discuss to develop high and new technology and industry in the new century, looking at China's instrumentation industry, scattered backward situation does not change, technology gap with the developed countries more and more big, the main products, field occupied by foreign investors, the situation is very grim. Recently, Wang Daheng, Yang Jiachi, Dah you MAA, Shi Changxu academician 11, harbors the impatience, once again put forward the "China instrumentation industry in urgent need of the unified planning and centralized management" is proposed.
"Suggestions" in the first part of the instrument in the important role of contemporary society: the world has entered the information age, information technology has become a key technology to promote the development of science and technology and national economy. Famous scientist Tsien Hsueshen clearly pointed out: "information technology, including measurement technology, computer technology and communication technology, measurement technology is the key and foundation." The said instrument is the measure and control of the basic means and equipment information of the physical world, is the source of the information industry and parts, it plays an important role in the contemporary society, how to evaluate too much.
In addition, instrument in many aspects of social life, such as experimental teaching, water power measurement, weather forecast and so on many aspects, plays a more and more important role, the instrument to manufacturing level reflects the degree of civilization of a country.
"Proposal" in the second part, elaborates on the instrumentation industry in our country is facing an important problem: instrumentation industry in our country started in industrial instrumentation. With the development of science and technology and national economy, the requirement of the society to the instrument and meter is increasing day by day. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, in order to strengthen the unified planning and centralized management, under the care of Comrade Deng Xiaoping and Fangyi, October 1979, the State Council approved the establishment of the State Administration of the instrumentation industry. From the "six five" plan, China's instrumentation industry has experienced a period of rapid and stable development period.
Since the State Administration of the instrumentation industry was revoked, for a long time, the state the lack of unified planning and objective regulation in instrument industry, fragmented sector, instrumentation industry in our country actually in low level repeat, scattered and disorderly state of development. Because of the general scale, the output value is not high, but also scattered in many departments, not attention and support, has seriously restricted the smooth development of the instrument industry.
Due to the lack of unified planning, the basic research of instrumentation is not enough attention, the national investment in research funding is seriously insufficient, for many years, the project has been very few organizations have been major scientific and technological research. Business is bad, and large-scale decentralized management, development of science and technology innovation lack of intensity, the result is basic research almost to a standstill, few innovative products, technology level with the developed countries gap is more and more big, important products market is foreign occupation.
For a long time formed a worrying situation: the introduction of major projects supporting control system and instrument instrument core part all by foreign supplies, scientific research item of the project mainly funds is also used to import instrumentation, two annual cost of up to billions of dollars. This situation if not promptly reversed, our instrument will soon decline, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.
Finally, 11 academicians suggested: first, on the instrumentation needed to strengthen the unified plan and the macroeconomic regulation and control, the attribution suggested on by is now planning management scientific instruments of the Ministry of science and technology of unified planning (including the operating system) and centralized management.
Second, by the State Development Planning Commission and the lead of Ministry of science and technology, agricultural economic and Trade Commission, the Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense, Ministry of information industry, bureau of national machinery industry and discuss, an instrument industry "Tenth Five Year Plan" planning leading group as soon as possible, on the "Tenth Five Year Plan" instrumentation development make the plan.
Third, in order to revitalize the instrumentation industry, enhance independent development capabilities, as soon as possible to reverse the passive situation of backward technology, national policy should be the development of modern instrumentation as a high technology industry support. Otherwise, the development of China's military, science and technology and national economy will be affected, and several years later will regret Moji.