The system of the instrument and meter industry in our country is weak

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  Country's overall production, learning, research and other organic combination of systems and policies have not formed, innovation and low conversion rate, poor technical application. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, instrumentation industry and foreign gap, companies generally seek outside sources of technology, despite the recent change, there are enterprises to come to the fore, but overall enterprise independent innovation technology and application of combine not much. Big business growth difficulties.
Our scientific research institutions involved in the measurement and control technology and related instruments, but the practicality is poor. The research depth and strength of the relevant manufacturing technology, especially the core technology is not enough, the workload of the two development is very large. Low conversion of results. High profile instrument products and systems involving different areas within a certain depth of application technology, foreign enterprises with professional departments and has experienced talents, and instrumentation companies in China often of large engineering process are not familiar with, lack of technology integration capabilities. Therefore, the production of high-grade products more difficult.
Secondly, the lack of a strong national research support system. Instrumentation industry varieties, small batch, the need for long-term, persistent input. But the current national investment channels are scattered, it is difficult to focus. Enterprises can not participate in competition as well as foreign enterprises in accordance with the rules of market economy, but also lack of strategic investment of research resources. At the same time, the market environment needed by the new technology market is still not perfect.
Due to the institutional mechanisms have not been straightened out, the lack of high level of the instrument and meter industry in China has a high level of compound talents, lack of familiarity and mastery of interdisciplinary talents. Instrumentation science and technology not only subject areas covered widely, and only to discover as soon as possible, use, integration of a variety of new principle, new concepts, new technologies, new materials and new technology, such as the latest scientific and technological achievements, to design and manufacture a world-class measurement control and instrument meter product. Talent shortage, natural impact on the development of the industry. This is undoubtedly the cause of domestic instruments and meters of imports of products and an important reason for the gap.

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