Guanzhou HongCe Equipment Co., Ltd has a large and skilled technical team, our engineeers come from all areas of electrical, mechanical, communications control, mechanics, fluid, etc., and who have many years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of laboratory equipment and oneline detection system and acillary equipment.


In laboratory testing equipment area, our technical team has designed and developed hundreds of kinds of products as per various standards, our products are widely used in domestic and foreign major laboratories, testing and calibration institution, export & import inspection and quarantine bureau, production enterprises and etc. We increasingly upgrade our products and technology to match the changes and updates as per international standards and the clients’ customization requirements. In addition to provide professional testing equipment and solutions, but also our technical team provides guidance and assistance to solve problems and difficulties that customer encounters during establishing the laboratory or production line testing system.



In production line testing system area, our technical team can rapid provide the best tailored solution according to the characteristics of customer’s sample and inspection requirements. Our technology developed China's first high-precision helium leak detection system, with accuracy of 5×10E-11 Pa.m³/ sec; participated in many famous household appliance factories’ entire line detection project, especially in charged for the automatic helium detection section. In addition to own strong technical capacity, we also have a good cooperation with internationally renowned company LEYBOLD, INFICON, AGILENT.


Mr. Li Jianhe is our technical team leader, who has 20 years of experience in the field of leak detection, specializes in vacuum, leak and fluid technology, especially unique in the field of high-precision helium leak, has a numerous of invention patents and utility new patents, Mr. Lee is one of leading experts in the leak detection industry.